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Number Plates Made Whilst You Wait

If you have been Googling for "Registration Plates Near Me" then your search is over.

If you need number plates that are legal to be made up for you, and you live in or around Essex, then you have come to the right place.

At Pound Lane Auto Discounts, we have been making plates for the car drivers of Essex for years, and can make them within ten minutes or so of you visiting us.

We emphasise that we make them once you “visit, as there are lots of rules and regulations that are placed on us by the DVLA.

This means that we need to take paperwork from you to ensure that everything is above board……… we need to see you.

But don’t worry about it…….it’s not hard.

And to make it even easier we will tell you exactly what you need to bring with you to make sure that your number plates are legal and roadworthy.

As long as we get the information below then it’s full steam ahead and you will walk out with your number plates quicker than you can say…………………well Number Plates!!

What Types Of Documentation Must I Bring With Me?

There are two type of forms that you will need to have with you so that we can log your details on the DVLA database, and make your registration plates for you.

The first is official documentation that you are who you are.

This can be anyone of the examples listed below as all of this will have your name and address on it, or in some case like your driving licence a photo too.

Registration Plates Near Me Requires Identification Documents To Prove You Are Who You Are

  • driving licence
  • national identity card
  • utility, Council Tax or rates bill from the last 6 months
  • police warrant card
  • armed forces identity card
  • bank or building society statement from the last 6 months
  • passport (doesn’t have to be issued in the UK)
  • The second type of documentation that we will need to see, for your number plates to be made is to confirm that you are the owner of the car you wish the plates to be made for.

Proof You Own The Registration Number

Vehicle registration certificate (V5C)

Bring one of the following as proof that you own the number:

  • temporary registration certificate (V379 or V379NI)
  • new keeper supplement (V5C/2 or V5C/2NI)
  • vehicle registration certificate (V5C or V5CNI)
  • certificate of entitlement (V750 or V750NI) to the number
  • retention document (V778) (not applicable in Northern Ireland)
  • a number plate authorisation certificate (V948) with an official stamp from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) or Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
  • a renewal reminder for a tax disc or SORN (V11 or V11NI)
  • a letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including lease or hire company) quoting the document reference number from the registration certificate.

Registration Plates Near Me means you get your number plates fast.

So make sure you have this information with you and your desire for registration plates made whilst you wait will come true.

I Want To Have The Spacing Changed To Make My Plates Look Personalised?

No, this is one thing that we don’t do, as we can get into a lot of trouble if we attempt to change the spacing of number and letters on our plates.

Also to safe guard us against making illegal plates our printing system will not allow us to deviate from the agreed legal format.

Certainly other shops and outlets in Essex will be the same as ourselves.

So all we can say is if you want your number plates to read like your name, by making the 5 a bit closer to the 1 for example, then we would suggest looking online for companies that will.

However, as they are restricted by law in the same way as ourselves we can only imagine that it will be a hard search.

What Badges Can I Have On My Number Plates?

Once again like the spacing above there are certain ones that we can put on the plates by law, so if you want Bulldog Bobby, or some strange spinning Tardis then its going to be a No from us.

We generally recommend either having the GB logo or the EU symbol, which make things so much easier for you if you are planning to travel across Europe in your car.

For more information on the symbols and logos that you can have on your number plates then click here

One other piece of advice on this is we do have to have our name at the bottom of all the registration plates we make on our premises.

The letters are only small, so can't really be seen unless the person behind you is driving too close.

But it is another form of regulation, so the authorities can track back any stolen cars or illegal plates to the makers.

How Much Do Number Plates Cost To Be Made?

The cost of the plates will naturally change over a period of time, so although it’s a great question please give us a call on 01268 728309.

For any other information regarding Essex car sales or spares and parts questions feel free to either phone or email us

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