Water Pumps Available Now For All Makes And Models Of Cars From Car Spares Essex

Water Pumps From Car Spares Essex

If you are looking for water pumps for your motor vehicle, and live in the county of Essex, then you have come to the right place.

We offer both an online click and collect service, or a phone and order service, which is just what our customers have asked us for.

Since opening our doors for business way back in 1981, we have been selling parts for all vehicles and have prided ourselves on three key areas of success.

Whilst many motor factors have struggled and closed for business we have continued to flourish due to wanting to provide the best service we can, parts at the best prices we can, and well.......the best range of all parts not just water pumps.

And we believe that we have done just that.

So What Models Of Cars Can You Supply Water Pumps For?

Being around since 1981, means that we have a huge range of pumps sitting on our shelves ready to be bought.

Water Pumps From Car Spares Essex

Unlike the majority of motor factors in Essex and the South East we have water pumps for old vehicles such as the Capri, Cortina, Anglia's, Rovers, Landrovers and many other vehicles already in stock.

You see we bought the water pumps for the cars when they were flying off the dealers forecourts, and ended up with a lot of unusual items when the cars become less popular.

But it's not just the old classic motors were we can come to the fore and provide the parts that you want.

The list below shows the majority of vehicles that we can provide water pumps through our online store which you can access at the top of the page.

Number Plates Made Whilst You Wait From
The #1 Number Plate Maker In Essex

We are the premier registration plate maker in Essex today.

We will be happy to make road legal number plates in our store, and best of all this will be a number plate made whilst you wait service.

Simply bring your log book and driving licence to prove identity and within a few minutes you will be able to walk out with a brand new set of replacement number plates.

Most people Google "Number plates made near me" and then use us again and again.

For more information on the documentation required for us to make your registration plates CLICK HERE

Car Batteries Available Now Check In Store For Current Availability

Googling for cheap car batteries will of course bring a lot of choices to your device.

At Pound Lane Auto Discounts, not only do you get a great battery with a three year guarantee, we will also check your battery on the car.

We try our best not to sell you one, so you can be sure that if we do then the car battery is right for you and your families needs.

How many other companies can say that?

So no more searching for "Car shops Near Me"....just a quick drive and get things done.

Range Of Auto Parts
We Try To Supply Online And In-Store

Smart Parts, Subaru Parts, 

Ssangyong Parts, Talbot,

Suzuki Parts, Tata,

Tesla, Think, Toyota Parts

Triumph, TVR, UMM, 

Vauxhall Parts, 

Volkswagen Parts

Volvo Parts,

Westfield, YugoOpel,

Perodua, Peugeot Parts, 

Piaggio, Hyundai Parts,

Infiniti, Isuzu, Iveco,

Jaguar Parts,

Land Rover Parts

Daimler, Jeep Parts


Range Rover Parts

Lancia, LDV, Lexus

Lotus, Mazda Parts

Mercedes Parts, Morgan Parts, 

Nissan PartsPorsche


Fiat Parts Ford Parts, 

FSO, Great Wall, Honda Parts, 

MG, Microcar,

Mini Parts, Reliant, 

Renault Parts, Rolls Royce, 

Rover Parts

Alfa Romeo, Asia Motors, 

Aston MartinAudi Parts,

Bentley, BMW Parts

Bristol, Cadillac, Caterham,

Chevrolet, Chrysler PartsCitroen Parts, 

Dacia PartsDaewoo Parts

Saab Parts, Santana,

Sao, Seat PartsSkoda Parts, 

What About Water Pumps For Classic Cars?

As we said previously, there is a good chance that the older vehicles that you have in your Essex garages, have pumps that we still have in stock.

But in case you check on our on-line store and contact us and we haven't got them, then I suppose the only thing to say is "you aren't around the motor trade for over 30 years without building up a great network of colleagues, and friends that might be able to help us."

So we could well put you in touch with someone who could help you locate the water pumps that you're looking for.

Give us a call on 01268 729309 and we will see what we can do to help you.

QH Water Pumps In Stock Now

Ok I Want To Use You So Whereabouts Are Your Premises

As you probably realised we are based just outside of Basildon in Essex.

And the best thing about us, is how easy it is to get to us due to our location near the three fastest roads that crisscross Essex.

The A127, A13 and A130 are literally on our doorsteps.

So from anywhere in Essex, it is only a 20 minute drive at the most to get your parts.

Oh...did we tell you that we have free parking and lots of it too?

So for detailed driving instructions to get to us, click the link below the image and we will hope to see you soon. 

Car Spares Essex The Home Of Water Pumps

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