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Volkswagen Parts From Car Spares Essex

Looking for new Volkswagen parts for your motor?

Then welcome to Pound Lane Auto Discounts on-line store "Car Spares Essex" where we hope to help you find the Volkswagen spares that you are looking for quickly and easily.

We sell "New" parts and spares for all Volkswagen models through either our shop in Basildon Essex, or here via our brand new online store. 

Volkswagen parts and spares on sale online and instore

But one thing is for sure, parts for your beloved Volkswagen do not have to be expensive, or difficult to buy if you do want to purchase new items anyway.

So do us a favour??

Before you think of going to the main dealers for the part you are looking for check out our prices and amazing range of Volkswagen parts first. 

You might be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer.

We hope so anyway.

The search for Volkswagen Golf spare parts for example is becoming quite a pastime.

Such is the range of makes and models that this classic German car manufacturer has produced since the first car rolled off the conveyor belt way back in 1937.  

From the iconic Volkswagen Beetle made famous of course by the kids “Herbie" films to the latest models such as the “Volkswagen UP”

Such is the desire by many people to own any of the well-built and reasonably inexpensive cars which the Volkswagen company have produced through the years, the company now has the record of having three cars in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time.

Herbie The Classic Volkswagen

True world beaters that are still being made and sold in their thousands the “Volkswagen Golf”, the “Volkswagen Beetle”, and the “Volkswagen Passat”

So it’s little surprise to us that we are finding more and more people contacting us to ask about cheap low cost Volkswagen parts and spares for their vehicles.

We are delighted to be of service to them, and certainly we are seeing more and more new Volkswagen drivers returning to our premises in Basildon again and again

They could simply visit the Volkswagen main dealer, but why would you want to do that if you can help it?

A Huge Range Of Volkswagen Parts

We can save our customers a huge amount of money, than going that route for their Volkswagen parts.

They could also go the cheap route for the Volkswagen part they are looking for, and make your way around the worldwide web.

So What Volkswagen Parts Can You Supply Then?

Now that you have found Pound Lane Auto Discounts via our online route "Car Spares Essex", who just happen to be the number one car spares and parts outlet in the whole of Essex you have a huge range of Volkswagen spares at your finger tips.

We can cater for the new sexy models, and also can go right back to the earliest VW models.

Well maybe not the 1937 versions, but we will certainly give it a go for you.

Just give us a call, or use our contact forms  and we will do our best to find the part for you.

Pound Lane Auto Discounts Supplier Of Volkswagen Parts In Essex

Most of the time we will have the parts or spares for your VW in stock, but in case we don’t have it or have just sold it, the list below will show the models that we can get parts quickly for, and at very competitive prices too.

And honestly, even if it doesn't have your vehicle on the list below still give us a call, or even better pop in to see us.

We still want to see if we can supply the item that you are searching for.

Most of the time, we will be able to do this within a couple of hours such is the huge network of suppliers that we have.

Volkswagen Models We Sell Spares And Parts For

Volkswagen Golf Parts (3 doors)

Volkswagen Scirocco Parts

Volkswagen Scirocco R Parts

Volkswagen Golf R Parts

Volkswagen Polo 3 doors Parts

Volkswagen Touareg Parts

Volkswagen Phaeton Parts

Volkswagen Polo GTI Parts

Volkswagen Sharan Parts

Volkswagen Passat Variant Parts

Volkswagen Jetta / Vento / Bora Parts

Volkswagen Polo 5 Doors Parts

Volkswagen Cross UP! Parts

Volkswagen Xl1 Parts

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio Parts

Volkswagen Golf Variant Parts

Volkswagen Tiguan Parts

Volkswagen Amarok Parts

Volkswagen Touran Parts

Volkswagen Passat Parts

Volkswagen Eos Parts

Volkswagen Golf Cabrio Parts

Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio Parts

Volkswagen CC Parts

Volkswagen Passat Alltrack Parts

Volkswagen Up! Parts

Volkswagen Golf Spare Parts (5 Doors)

Volkswagen e-Up! Parts

Volkswagen Polo Blue GT Parts

Volkswagen Golf GTi/GTD Parts

Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio Parts

Volkswagen Beetle Parts


Driving Instructions For Your Volkswagen Parts

Pound Lane Auto Discounts Home Of Volkswagen Parts

Well we are in an amazingly convenient location for the whole of the county of Essex.

When we opened our doors way in 1981, we didn't for a minute think that our location would make such a difference to our loyal customer base.

But it certainly has.

As being only a few minutes drive from any of the main routes that run through Essex (A13, A127 and A13) you are literally just twenty minutes drive at most from buying the best priced Volkswagen parts in the whole of Essex.

Which is a fact that many of our customers realise, who still come back to us again and again, even though they have moved far away.

So to gain driving directions from your home, click the link below the image and enter your postcode, and as for your part we will do the rest.

For Driving Instructions For Volkswagen Parts To Pound Lane Essex Click Here

Ok Last Question, If I am Looking For Some Really Unique Volkswagen Parts Can You Still Get Them For Us?

Now there are going to be some Volkswagen spares and parts that we simply can't get.

Catering for all makes of vehicles on the roads of Essex, and not just Volkswagens means that we simply do not have the space to hold everything.

Things like filters, suspension parts, brake pads and shoes, cables, plugs, and general service parts will be on our shelves waiting for you.

That you can be assured.

But as for unique stuff, we would need to do some investigation. 

However after being around for over 30 years, we know a lot of motor factors who can help you out, and supply the part quite quickly.

If we do have to order it for you then our suppliers are brilliant and will get a part to us within a couple of hours.

If they haven't got it, and have to buy it in themselves then it will be next day delivery.

But as we say for the more normal stuff most of the time we will have it anyway.

Contact us on 01268 728309 or email us on by using the contact details here.

The list below shows the parts that our suppliers can provide for the majority of vehicles that you may want Volkswagen parts for

Body & Trim



Service Parts

Belts, Chains

Filters - All

Ignition Parts

Plugs (Glow & Spark Plugs

Cooling & Heating

Air Con Parts

Radiator Caps






Sensors - Cooling & Heating

Water Hoses



Clutch Parts


Fitting Parts


Sensors - Clutch









Drive Motors (Equipment)




Starter Motors


Sensors - Body & Panel

Lambda Sensors

Flexible Mountings




Wiper Arms


Wiper Gears



Wiper Washer





Brake Hydraulics

Clutch Hydraulics

Fluid Reservoirs

Filters & Ignition

Filters -All

Ignition Leads

Ignition Parts

Plugs - All



Light Units


Cable Fitment Parts



Exhaust Parts

Exhaust Systems

CV Boots


Drive Shafts

Drive Couplings

Universal Joints



Wheel Bearing Kits

Wheel Bolts


Hubs, Nuts


Accessories-Fit Kits





Steering & Suspension

Air Suspension

Shock Absorbers


Steering & Susp. Components

Steering & Susp. Fitting Tools

Steering Boots


Steering Boxes


Suspension Spheres

Fitting Tools

Fitting Tools & Kits


Workshop Manuals

Fuel & Engine Management

Engine Management & Fuel Inj. Parts

Filler Caps

Fuel Tanks

Sender Units

Fuel Pumps

Engine Parts

Belts, Chains

Breather Caps







Engine Gaskets


Engine Parts

Engine Oils


Other Fluids

Steering Fluids

Suspension Fluids

Transmission Oils

Lubricants & Fluids

Brake Fluids

Coolant Fluids

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