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ford body panels

Most people looking for ford body panels spend a huge amount of time trying to find a used, or second hand part.

Complete waste of time, and ultimately will waste a ton of money too.

If you are looking for new body panels for your car then really you only have one choice.

Now you have found Pound Lane Auto Discounts, the number one car spares and accessories shop in the whole of Essex then your ford body panels wont cost the earth....we promise you.

We have been providing car parts and spares to the motoring public of Essex for over 30 years.

And now we have gone online, we can make your search for the best new body panels even easier too.

For the best ford body panels and crash repair parts all you need to do is contact us on 01268 728309 and we will be happy to provide a quote for you.

All our bumpers, wings, lights are then ordered from our stockist for collection at our premises in Basildon the next working day.


Body Panels On Sale Now

If you are looking for other things such as light units, then go to the link to Car Parts at the top of the page and you will be transported directly to our online store.

Here you can shop for headlamps, rear lights, and over 150,000 parts and spares for every model of vehicle that you can think off.

It really is that easy.

So why spend hours travelling around Essex, when you can get everything sorted from the comfort of your own home.

That is what we would do!

Its Not Just Ford Body Panels That We Supply To The People Of Essex

Number Plates Made Whilst You Wait From
The #1 Number Plate Maker In Essex

We are the premier registration plate maker in Essex today.

We will be happy to make road legal number plates in our store, and best of all this will be a number plate made whilst you wait service.

Simply bring your log book and driving licence to prove identity and within a few minutes you will be able to walk out with a brand new set of replacement number plates.

Most people Google "Number plates made near me" and then use us again and again.

For more information on the documentation required for us to make your registration plates CLICK HERE

Car Batteries Available Now Check In Store For Current Availability

Googling for cheap car batteries will of course bring a lot of choices to your device.

At Pound Lane Auto Discounts, not only do you get a great battery with a three year guarantee, we will also check your battery on the car.

We try our best not to sell you one, so you can be sure that if we do then the car battery is right for you and your families needs.

How many other companies can say that?

So no more searching for "Car shops Near Me"....just a quick drive and get things done.

Range Of Auto Parts
We Try To Supply Online And In-Store

Smart Parts, Subaru Parts, 

Ssangyong Parts, Talbot,

Suzuki Parts, Tata,

Tesla, Think, Toyota Parts

Triumph, TVR, UMM, 

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Ok This Sounds Good So Whereabouts Are You In Essex?

ford body panels

The beauty of buying your crash repair parts from us, is not just the price and convenience, but also our location.

We are based just a few minutes drive from the three main routes that cross through Essex.

The A127, A13 and A130 as you can see from map below, is literally on our doorstep.

So no matter where you are based in Essex and the South East you can get to us within about twenty minutes or so at the most.

For more details as to how to get to us, then click through here to our directions page.

Or use the link below the image and enter your postcode for door to door driving instructions.

We hope to see you soon

Pound Lane Auto Discounts In Essex

Pick Up Your Body Panels From Car Spares Essex Easily - Driving Instructions Here

Do You Deliver Your Ford Body Panels To The Home Of Your Customers?

I'm afraid to say at the moment we do not deliver, as we do not have the capability and resource.

Being a family owned business, means that we need to focus in on what we are best at.

And that is providing the number one car spares service in the whole of Essex.

It is what we have made our name on.

But we will make it as easy as possible for you, by ordering your parts in ready for collection.

Buy Your Parts FOr Next Day Collection Here

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