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If you want a great supply of new and cheap car batteries Essex based companies who supply them are quite common. 

However for the best customer service, and a great range covering most makes and models of cars, vans, motorbikes, jet bikes and even golf trollies then Pound Lane Auto Discounts are the only place to come in Essex.

All of our car and van batteries are fully charged, and come with a 3 year guarantee for total peace of mind.

So even though we try our hardest to keep them as firmly classed as “cheap car batteries”, (and believe me the price of lead has skyrocketed over the last few years which has unfortunately affected the price of all cars spares shop batteries), you still will know that any issues that occur will be sorted.

As we say total peace of mind for total happy motoring.

What Type Of Range Do You Have In Stock If I Need One?

We try to keep a good range of batteries at all time, particularly in regards to the more popular models of cars that people drive such as Ford, Vauxhall, Fiat, Peugeot, Landrover, BMW, Mercedes to name a few.

Many of the cheap car batteries that we stock do fit more than one vehicle, especially in regards to the more powerful amp types so most of the time we have one waiting, fully charged and ready to go whenever you need it.

And rest assured if there is an even cheaper car battery that we stock that can work on your car or van, then we will always suggest this as an alternative to the recommended unit that our catalogues suggest.

We want you to be happy with giving us at Car Spares Essex your custom, which is why we have been around and trading for over 30 years.

So What Should You Do If Your Car Battery Plays Up?

If you buy a battery from us and it fails you anytime within the first 36 months, then we will be happy to replace it with no questions asked if it is faulty.

We will even do a quick check on your cars charging to check the alternator too free of charge.

As sometimes the car battery can get the blame, but it could be something else causing the issue.

I Would Like To Purchase Cheap Car Batteries From You So How Can I Find You?

Pound Lane Auto Discounts or their online equivalent Car Spares Essex are the number one retailer for cheap car batteries in the areas around Basildon, Canvey, Benfleet and Wickford.

We are actually a very short drive from all the main routes through Essex (A127, A13 and A130)

So if you are passing and want to give us a try then feel free to pop in.

However if you live further afield in the rest of Essex and the UK, please also use our online e-store, to locate the price and availability of our range of cheap car batteries.

Cheap Car Batteries Can Be Found At Pound Lane Auto Discounts

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Can I Check What Car Battery I Should Have On My Car Before Visiting?

To give you an idea of what type of car batteries you should be using for your car, take a quick look at our online catalogue below to locate the details of your recommended battery.

Simply click the "Red button", and follow through the steps, inputting the Make, Model and Engine size of your car.

You will then be shown size, amps, and part numbers which you can either check with your own, or give us at Car Spares Essex a call to see if we store it.

We probably do to be honest.

Best of all if you locate your part number and order it directly via our e-store, we will give you a 10% discount on the price of your battery.

Yes, you have made cheap car batteries even cheaper………..luvvely jubbly as Del Boy would say.

Background Information For Simple Care Tips For Your Battery

It doesn’t matter really if you are buying cheap car batteries or really expensive car batteries there are some key similarities between them.

The type of battery that you will probably have on your car are known as SLI car batteries.

SLI standing for Starting, Lighting and Ignition, as power is taken from the unit to start your car by powering the starter motor and the ignition.

Then once your vehicle is driving around, things like the lights and the radio, and the wipers all take the power from the battery as you drive.

Cheap Car Batteries Only Need A Little Love

Even Cheap Car Batteries Only Need A Little Love

The other sort of car batteries that are becoming more popular are known as Traction Batteries, which are the ones that are used to power the latest electric cars.

So the best thing to do to keep your car in tip top condition is use it funnily enough.

If you leave the battery laying around, either on the car or off it will slowly deteriorate.

Therefore if you are not planning on using your vehicle often, such as a classic car that only comes out once in a while, make sure you turn it over and get it running.

Or you an disconnect the leads from the terminals.

Such simple practices will mean that it doesn't matter if you look for cheap car batteries or the most expensive ones on the market, you will have pretty easy driving.

For more information on maintenance tips for car batteries then click here.

And on that fact we are positive.

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