New Car Battery Selections Make Sure You Are "Positive" You've Bought Wisely

Car Battery

It's not easy to decide on the right new car battery.

For most of us they are just a square thing under the bonnet, that we only look at when they fail us.

That needn't be the case.

With Pound Lane Auto Discounts Online Catalogue, you can locate the right battery for your vehicle easily.

Then to get the best price either use the online order form, or phone us.

Simply click on the image over on the right side of this page, and click through until you have found the car battery that suits your vehicle.


All our batteries come with a three year guarantee for piece of mind.

So just in case it fails within this time (and yep, hands up we aren't perfect and neither are our batteries) we will replace the faulty item with a brand new battery.

Can't say fairer than that now can we?

We Have A Good Stock Of car Battery Chargers Too

Quality car batteries for every type of car are readily available at Pound Lane Auto Discounts as well as a good range of battery chargers.

Whether you wish to spend a lot of money, or just want one to have in the garage in case of emergencies then Pound Lane Auto Discounts have just what you are looking for.

So there is just one thing to assure you and that is this.

The only one that will get the full charge for the perfect battery is the car battery itself.

Check Out The Perfect Battery With Our Online Catalogue

Using the online store below simply locate your vehicle using the drop down menus, and after adding the model and engine number you will be given the part number.

You can even check the dimensions for the battery you want.

And then its nothing harder than ordering the Car Battery and coming down to us to pick it up.

Click and Collect service at its best.

Buy Your Parts FOr Next Day Collection Here

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