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What is AdBlue?

If you have been Googling "Adblue Suppliers Near Me" you have probably been warned by your car that you now need to fill up on this mysterious substance.

Most people come into our shop to buy Adblue have no idea what it is and why it is so important for the continued good running of your vehicle. 

So welcome to Essex's #1 Adblue stockist that can get your car feeling happy staright away.

Adblue is a fluid that works for your exhaust and the emissions that all exhausts produce into the environment.

Most people think that its a fuel additive but that most certainly isn't the case.

You will find it in a completely seperate reservior and after unscrewing the blue filler cap (at least most of the time your adblue cap is blue) near the fuel filler cap, in the boot or under the bonnet its a simple task that most people can do.

The simplest way of thinking of adblue is as an diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

What is AdBlue made of ?

This is where things can seem a little bit strange, as AdBlue is a colourless, non-toxic mixture of urea and de-ionised water.

You will also see that its totally clear like water, which makes the adblue name seem a bit strange too.

Lots of people think AdBlue is made of pig urine – it’s not.

The urea used in AdBlue is a high purity man-made solution – pig urine wouldn’t be pure or sterile enough for a commercial product.

Yeah, as weird as it may seem you are actually putting man made urine into your car....who would have thought.

How Does AdBlue Work?

Although when you are looking for Adblue suppliers near me you arent of course really needing to know this information...but its a fun thing to share at a pub quiz (NOT)

Tiny amounts of AdBlue are injected into the flow of exhaust gases.

At high temperatures AdBlue turns to ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Inside the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst, harmful nitrogen oxide in the exhaust reacts with the ammonia and is transformed to harmless nitrogen and water.

Similar technology has been used effectively for years in buses and heavy lorries and other cars that might be doing the environment a problem.

What Happens If I Run Out Of AdBlue?

Most people think that when the light comes on the dashboard indicating reduced Adblue that they have to buy straight away.

Of course this is the best thing to do, but if you cant find an adblue supplier nearby then dont panic.

You will have around a 1,000 miles or so of motoring before your car stops and it wont work anymore.

A normal 1 litre quantity of Adblue will give around 600 miles of driving happily, so it does last quite awhile.

Therefore searching desperately for "Adblue near me" is now not quite as desperate.

I Want To Get AdBlue So Where Are You?

As you can see from the map below we are pretty central for most places in Essex.

And better still from our position just outside of Basildon, we are really close to the three main routes that cross the county.

The A127, A13 and A130 are literally next door to us, which makes it an easy route from wherever you are to buy your Mini parts.

For detailed driving instructions, click on the link below the image and enter your home postcode.

We hope to see you soon and become your Adblue supplier of choice, and not thinking Adblue Tesco, or Adblue Halfords instead.

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